Amazing and unique are the white nights in the north. Straight from heaven pours to the earth a shimmering, like pearl, light and a soul-enveloping silence. And like a polished metal, the endless plain of the sea flickers under this light, imperceptibly merging with the sky for the eye. Do not crinkle the water, do not stir the dark fir trees on the shore, only occasionally sobs on the rock light roll - echo of the day's excitement. Koso draws a wolf's blue over a scowling forest with a dazed whistle of a flock of ducks, the siren of a motor ship lost in the expanses of the sea will ripple loudly, and again silence.

Such silence that you can hear for many kilometers, how squeaks in the oarlocks of the oars darkening under the distant islet carb and how thoughtfully, in a low voice, the women-fishermen sing:

The Sea of ​​White does not dry out,
The river does not run back ...

And the boat will hide, and the ship is big, but as if weightless, it will float past, and the morning train will pick out the forests. But, it seems, still quiet female voices are heard over the sea and all this beautiful land by the continuity and continuity of human generations: "The White Sea will not dry out ..."

Roads for a person are such moments of fusion with nature, a feeling of the uniqueness of being. And that is why, probably, the flow of tourists coming to the White Sea from every part of our large country increases every year.

We have something to see, where to rest your soul from the intense rhythm of modern fast life. It is worth, for example, to go by the same Derzhavinsky route. You will know, for the rest of your life remember the beauty of the pristine nature - the noise of boiling waterfalls, the silence of forest trails, the blue glow of lake expanses, the severity of granite rocks and basalt "slots" on the shores of the sea. If you are lucky, you will meet a handsome northern forest - moose, or a curious seal. You can take your soul on fishing at any lake along the way. You will get acquainted with remarkable people, hear old Pomorian utterances, fairy tales and bylinas.

Lovers of antiquity will not pass by the Peter and Paul Church in the village of Wirma or St. Nicholas Church on Muezer, a salt barn on the metochion of the Solovetsky Monastery in Sumposad: these are monuments of folk wooden architecture of the XVII-XVIII centuries. And, of course, the paths of all tourists will intersect in the pavilion "Besovy Sledki" and the "picture gallery" of primitive artists in Zavaluga or Yerpinom Pudos, in places of unique petroglyphs - rock paintings, embroidered 3-4 thousand years ago.

Hold, you will not regret! We invite you to the young land near the ancient Sea of ​​Salt water, in our White Sea coast!